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Product Sketching:

Sketching is the main mode of communication for a clear and faster idea with paper and pencil or on drawing tablet. Every design starts from sketch then be it anything like, Automobiles, furniture, household appliance, jewellery, shoes, watches, TV's to name a few. these are skills which you need to master to become a effective and efficient designer. this is also called as a first step to make any product in physical to market. this is the way of communication to clay and software modellers to understand designer's intent. ad this how in collaboration physical model / prototype is made. these skills becomes handy during meeting and discussions to approve your design in fastest way.

About Product and Transportation Design

We at Exact Designs teach this from scratch from how to hold the pencil till final finishing of sketch. this course is undertaken y industry person to teach you latest industry happenings and the Industry way. So you become job ready or prepared for Higher studies in design where portfolio is required to e shown.

Product and Transportation Training Courses

All the courses are industry oriented only…

Training Duration: 6 Months (Monday to Friday, 9 hours a day)
Batch Size: 12 Candidates

Next Batch Starting From

Date:-Jan 1 2020

Who can do it:

  • Any Aspirant Diploma, BE who want to get into product design and automobile stream.
  • Anybody with bit knowledge about manufacturing engineering processes can get into this.
  • Anybody who is passionate about product look, might be Automobiles, home appliance and many more products, where for you, its appearance matters…


Quite enhancing career as these kind of opportunities are quite new in india, and have very vast future for a creative passionate person with good growth…there is also a good scope and future with good pay package for person in abroad.